Ball Tunnel Naming Competition

We are thrilled to announce a naming competition for our brand-new Ball Tunnel! This new exhibit currently lives in the Our Town exhibit space indoors. Powered by a gust of air, children are encouraged to place balls in the tunnel and watch them quickly travel across the exhibit space with the press of a button.

The competition is open to all children in the United States ages 0-10. Please review the rules of the competition to ensure your submission is considered.

Ball Tunnel Logo 3


The options are endless and we encourage you to use your imagination to name our brand-new exhibit! We don’t have many rules, but do have a few guidelines for your submission to be considered.

  • Proposed names can’t include your name
  • No profanity or inappropriate language
  • All fields (proposed name, child’s name, email, phone number) must be completed
  • Submissions must be submitted to the Front Desk or submitted via the online form by August 31 to be considered

The winning name will be contacted via email and announced in September. To submit your proposed name, please download the coloring sheet below or complete the online form.

Submit Your Proposed Ball Tunnel Name

Ball Tunnel BW