Daily STREAM Activity: Circle Art

How long does it take for water to evaporate?

Activity best for children age 2 and up

Circles are a fun shape! They can big or small, and they have no angles. Look around your house, how many circles can you find? Circle art is found all around the world from the nature mandalas of India, to the moon gates of China, and the aborginal dot art of Australia. Today, we are going to make circle art that uses lots of bright colors and different sized circles, just like the artist Wassily Kandinsky. With the help of a grown up, find different circle-shaped objects in your home that you can trace to make circles on paper that you can then cut out. You can also draw your circles free hand if you’d like!

Materials you’ll need:

Colored paper


Glue stick

Paper for background


Round containers to trace the circles 

Guiding Questions:

What colors make you feel happy? What colors make you feel sad?

What colors make you feel hot? What colors make you feel cold?

How big do you want your circles to be? How small?

Can you use lots of circles? Can you use a few circles?

Do you want to spread the circles out? Or stack them on top of each other?


Use a pencil to trace around different circle shaped objects that a grown up has helped you find.

Image 11 16 20 At 7.53 AM (1)

Using scissors cut out the circles. A grown up can help you with the cutting.

Image 11 16 20 At 7.53 AM (2)

Arrange the circles on your background paper first. When you have the circles the way you want, go ahead and glue them down. Enjoy your circle art!

Image 11 16 20 At 7.53 AM (3)

Grown ups, are you looking for more ways to extend your child’s learning? Check out these extension activities to build upon today’s STREAM activity!

Reading Connection
The Noisy Paint Box by Barb Rosenstock
Image 11 16 20 At 7.53 AM

Science Connections
Try to make your own compass to draw circles.

Real-World Connections
Next time you are at the store look around and find circles. How many circles can you find? Do you wear any clothing that is round? What do you eat that is circle shaped?