Fun Animal Friday Hedgehog Craft

You quill love this craft!

Activity best for children age 2 and up

We finished our Roots: Portugal celebration today with an animal presentation by Pacific Animal Productions. We met a hedgehog and a ferret! These two animals have relatives found in Portugal. We learned a hedgehog has a thick layer of modified hair over its back called quills. These quills are made of keratin which is the same stuff your hair and nails are made of! For our craft we will be creating a cute hedgehog with its spikey quills.


Materials you’ll need:

Piece of paper

Cardboard tube 

Glue (liquid glue will work best)


Markers, crayons, or something else to draw with


Start by drawing the body of a hedgehog on your piece of paper.

Image 5 28 21 At 8.15 AM

Use a pair of scissors to cut your cardboard tube into small circles. Pinch them to form a flat oval shape.

Grown-ups, be sure to help your little ones with this step.

Image 5 28 21 At 8.15 AM (1)

Apply a small amount of liquid glue along the bottom edge of each cardboard piece. Glue them down on your paper to create your hedgehog’s quills.

Image 5 28 21 At 8.15 AM (2)

Use the drawing tool of your choice to add some final details. What will be in your hedgehog’s habitat?

Image 5 28 21 At 8.15 AM (3)