Fun Animal Friday Puppy Craft

Create a puppy inspired by November's Fun Animal Friday guest!

Activity best for children age 4 and up

Today we enjoyed a presentation by San Diego Humane Society and learned how to properly greet a dog. We met Moses the ambassador dog who was small, white, and very friendly. There are many different breeds of dogs that can look very different. Some can be tall with long ears and others are short with curly tails. Some can have a spotted coat and others have long, fluffy golden coats. Grab a die and follow the instructions below to see what your mixed up mutt will look like. Don’t forget to add a collar and name tag!

Image 11 19 20 At 12.58 PM

Materials you’ll need:

Piece of paper

Something to color with

Drawing instructions (see image above)

A single die


Start by drawing the body of your dog. You can make it any size and shape you’d like.

Image 11 19 20 At 12.58 PM (1)

Roll your die for each feature to see what you’ll draw on your dog. If you roll the number that says “Your choice” you can choose your favorite or make up your own.

Image 11 19 20 At 12.58 PM (2)

Add a background and some final details. Don’t forget to give your dog a name  and add it to its tag.

Image 11 19 20 At 12.58 PM (3)

BONUS: Coloring pages provided by San Diego Humane Society