KPBS Kids: Xavier Riddle Craft

Create a recycled garden with Xavier Riddle!

Activity best for children age 3 and up

This month we traveled back in time with Xavier and his friends to meet George Washington Carver. We learned taking care of our planet is important and one way to do that is by recycling and repurposing things you might throw away. For our craft today, we are going to create flowers made from recycled materials. 

Materials you’ll need:

Thin cardboard (cereal box, macaroni box, etc.)

Small items to include in your art (bottle caps, buttons, straws, etc.)

Piece of paper

Tape or glue



Gather your supplies. What recyclable materials will you use to create your flowers?

Carefully cut out shapes from thin cardboard and arrange them on your piece of paper. Don’t forget to include your smaller items too! What will you use for the stem, leaves, and flower?

Optional: Use tape or glue to attach all your pieces to your piece of paper and admire your new recycled garden!

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