STREAM Activity: Dinosaur Fossil Necklace

What fossil will you use for your necklace?

Activity best for children ages 2 and up

Using our creative minds we will be making a mold fossil necklace. A mold fossil is where an animal or thing died and it decayed over the years leaving a print behind. Today we will be using model magic and other materials you might find in your home to make a fossil necklace

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Model Magic



Dinosaur fossil toy or plants.  

Guiding Questions:

Can you think of two other materials you can use to make a fossil necklace?  

What kind of scientist do you think work with fossils?


Step 1

Gather materials such as scissors, model magic, markers, dinosaur toy, plant, or flower, and string.

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Step 2

Open model magic and with markers you will color the model magic and then blend it in. Once blend in make a ball and then flatten out to make it look like a circle. At the top of your circle you will make a small hole for your string to go through.

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Step 3

You will then grab a dinosaur toy, plant or shell to create your mold fossil necklace. Once you have your item of choice you will place it on your model magic and press in and then gently remove. Finally add the string to create the chain for your necklace.

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Reading Connections

Here We Go Digging For Dinosaur Bones by Susan Lendroth

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