STREAM Activity: Mother’s Day Craft

Celebrate the special women in your life this Mother's Day!

Activity best for children age 2 and up

Does your mama know how much you love her? Well, today is an extra special day to show her because it’s almost Mother’s Day!

Our mothers and mother-figures show us how much they love us day in and day out, even when we forget to tell them, “Thank you.” Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to loving our moms, so today you get to make your mom a bouquet of flowers and show her you love her in FIVE different ways. 

Are you ready to give your mom some well-needed love? Gather your craft materials and let’s make our mamas a bouquet of flowers. Once you make your mom her bouquet, check out the five ways you can show your mom you love her and see if you can complete all five today! 

Materials you’ll need:


Tape or Glue

Coloring Materials 

Cupcake liners

Guiding Questions:

What colors does my mom like?

What are my favorite things I love about my mom?

What is one thing I can do with my mom today?

What makes me feel loved?

What can I do to make others feel loved by me?


Draw 3 stems on your paper, starting halfway and going down the paper.

Image 5 6 21 At 11.11 AM

Draw leaves on your stems.

Image 5 6 21 At 11.11 AM (1)

Color on cupcake liners to add flower details and designs.

Image 5 6 21 At 11.11 AM (2)

Glue cupcake liners to the tops of your stems to make the petals.

Image 5 6 21 At 11.11 AM (3)

Roll the bottom of your paper to make a point and tape or glue it together so you can hold your bouquet and give it to your mom!

Image 5 6 21 At 11.11 AM (4)

Write a love note at the top. It could say, “Mom, I Love You” or any special message you have for your mom.

Image 5 6 21 At 11.11 AM (5)

FIVE different ways you can show your mom how much you love them:

  1. Words of Affirmation
    Tell your mom how much you love her and what you love about her.
    Some examples are: “I love your smile,” and “Thank you for taking care of me.”
  2. Quality Time
    Spend time with your mom.
    Things you can do together are play games, read stories, bake, and go on walks.
  3. Physical Tough
    Be near your mom.
    Give her hugs, kisses, and lots of snuggles. Bonus: give her a foot massage.
  4. Acts of Service
    Serve your mom.
    Let her rest by picking up your toys or help her put away laundry.
  5. Receiving Gifts
    Give her gifts.
    Some ideas are: make your mom artwork or bring her flowers.