STREAM Activity: Newspaper Dance

Put your balance to the test with the Newspaper Dance!

Activity best for children ages 2 and up

When you were little, did you know how to walk right away? Babies learn how to crawl first before they learn how to walk. Learning how to walk can be pretty tricky because not only do you need to try to move your body but you need to balance yourself to avoid falling down. Next thing we know, we’re able to walk and run like we can today! When something is balanced, it means the weight of something or someone is the same on all sides. If one part is heavier than the other, it may cause it to fall down. Not only do people need to balance in order to stand up or walk but things like buildings and objects also need balance. Buildings and towers are built by engineers but they have the important job of making sure those structures are strong and balanced so that they don’t collapse.

Today, we are going to have some fun practicing balance by playing a traditional party game that is popular in the Philippines called the Newspaper Dance. This is a fun game that many children and adults like to play together at parties. The best part? You can play it alone or with a partner and it’s a fun way to show off your balancing skills!

Screen Shot 2023 01 11 At 2.26.03 PM



Tape (if needed)

Timer to be used or music to be played

Guiding Questions:

How long can you balance on one foot? Try to time yourself!

Can you balance two objects of different weight on each hand?

What are some things at home that you notice need balance in order to avoid falling down?


Step 1

Grab newspaper or regular paper. Adults can tape two pieces of papers together since they’re bigger.

Screen Shot 2023 01 11 At 2.30.19 PM

Step 2

Start with your paper opened up all the way. One person or two can stand and fit themselves on the same sheet of paper. The goal is to balance and NOT touch the floor.

Screen Shot 2023 01 11 At 2.26.03 PM

Step 3

You can play music or set a timer for how long everyone needs to stay inside their paper. Once the music stops or the timer goes off, everyone left on their papers can move on to the next level!

Screen Shot 2023 01 11 At 2.33.34 PM

Step 4

Fold the paper in half and then get back into position! Once again, try not to step outside of your paper! Start the music/timer and continue the next round!

Screen Shot 2023 01 11 At 2.34.08 PM

Step 5

Continue this process by folding the paper smaller and smaller after each round until there is only one team or person standing left on their paper!

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Reading Connections

Balance the Birds by Susie Ghahremani
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Math Connections

Balance is important especially in mathematics, which is what many engineers and architects need to use when planning to build a building. In order for something to balance, the height and weight need to work together so that buildings or objects being designed do not fall down and so it can be used efficiently.