STREAM Activity: Plant Maze

Watch your plant find the light in this plant maze!

Activity best for children ages 2 and up

Gardening is fun! Did you know the main key for a plant to grow big and healthy are the sun and water. Today we will build a maze for a plant and see if the plant can make its way to the light.

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Cardboard box





Paint tray


Guiding Questions:

What kind of plant do you think would grow great in one of these cardboard mazes?  

What do you notice every day you water your plant? Is it being guided towards the light or is it having trouble growing? 


Step 1

Gather your materials.

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Step 2

Cut off the sides of your cardboard box. Once you have done that, you can paint fun designs on the inside of your box. Then, cut a hole at the top of your box. This will be the last hole your plant has to go through to reach the light.

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Step 3

Using the sides of the box you cut off earlier, create strips to act as layers in your maze. Be sure to cut holes in them for your plant to grow through. To make it more challenging for your plant try cutting the holes on different sides.  

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Step 4

Now tape the side pieces inside your box maze to make the different levels.

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Step 5

Add your plant to the maze and watch how it grows toward the light.

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Reading Connections

Plant It! Grow It, Eat It by Little Grasshopper Books

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Real World Connections

Planting seeds is great for the environment and our community because depending on what you plant, it can supply a lot of beneficial things such as food and flowers for pollinating.