STREAM Activity: Snacks as Shapes

How many snack shapes can you identify?

Activity best for children age 4 and up

Think about your favorite snacks, what are they? Are they sweet, savory, or maybe sour? Do they melt in your mouth or are they crunchy? Now, think: What is their shape? Do you know? Today we’re going to find out!

In this activity we will be creating our own shaped magnifiers to help us identify the shapes of our favorite snacks!  While we can all agree that snacks are delicious, they are also so diverse in the way they look. There are so many shapes used to make all of these wonderful snacks. So let’s put those thinking caps on and get started!

Screen Shot 2021 07 22 At 11.55.31 AM

Materials you’ll need:

Construction paper

Pen or pencil


Your favorite snacks

Guiding Questions:

What is the most common shape?

Were there any other shapes besides the ones we made?



Grab your pen/pencil and construction paper. Draw out a circle with a stem handle on your paper.

Screen Shot 2021 07 22 At 12.07.45 PM


Use your scissors to cut out the circle, inner circle, and stem you just drawed.

Screen Shot 2021 07 22 At 12.07.50 PM


Label each stem handle with the name of the shape. Then repeat with other shapes.

Screen Shot 2021 07 22 At 12.07.56 PM


Grab your favorite snacks and begin identifying what their shapes are with your new magnifiers.

Grown Ups-Are you looking for more ways to extend your child’s learning? Check out these extension activities to build upon today’s STREAM activity!

Reading Connections: 

The Shape of Things by Dayle Ann Dodds

Screen Shot 2021 07 22 At 12.08.02 PM

Math Connections: 

Shapes are geometry!

Geometry is math that deals with shapes and figures. Shapes are the starting point to understanding geometry.

Real-World Connections:

Can you identify other objects in these shapes that are not snacks? Walk through your home and see all the things that are in these shape groups.