STREAM Activity: Snowy Nature Painting

What will your snowy scene look like?

Activity best for children age 2 and up

Do you wear different clothes in the Summer and Winter? Some trees do, too! Deciduous trees are a type of tree that have adapted to change their features in habitats that get colder during the year. You can spot a deciduous tree if it is full of green leaves in the Summer, beautiful warm colors in the Fall, bare in the Winter, and sprinkled with leaf buds again in the Spring. It might look like these trees are not alive during the coldest months, but in fact, they go into a form of hibernation called dormancy! Deciduous trees are very sensitive to the environment and need to conserve their energy until Summer when they produce more food. Let’s grab some sticks from outside to make our own snowy deciduous trees!

Screen Shot 2021 12 10 At 10.14.35 AM

Materials you’ll need:

Colored paper (blue is nice for a sky)

Sticks or twigs from outside

Cotton balls


White, red, and black paint

Small-tip paint brushes


Screen Shot 2021 12 10 At 10.16.02 AM

Guiding Questions:

What kind of adaptations do deciduous trees have?

What is dormancy?

What other changes happen when it snows?


Step 1

Gather some sticks for your “trees.”

Screen Shot 2021 12 10 At 10.16.44 AM

Step 2

Use a cotton ball to paint your snowy ground.

Screen Shot 2021 12 10 At 10.16.59 AM

Step 3

Glue on some sticks to make them look like trees.

Screen Shot 2021 12 10 At 10.17.05 AM

Step 4

Add your snow with a Q-Tip. Snow naturally piles on flat surfaces when it falls, so you can make your snowscape look realistic by painting snow on the tree limbs

Screen Shot 2021 12 10 At 10.17.17 AM

Step 5

Add a little friend to your snowy trees!

Screen Shot 2021 12 10 At 10.17.24 AM

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Reading Connections:

“The Wish Tree” written by Kyo Maclear and Illustrated by Chris Turnham

Screen Shot 2021 12 10 At 10.17.32 AM

Science Connections:

Seasonal changes in precipitation and temperature affect plants, soil, evaporation, and bodies of water. There are many opportunities to think about changes in nature during the winter months!