STREAM Activity: Sustainability with Friends

Learn how to build a sustainability with some of our friends!

Activity best for children age 2 and up

Sustainability means using tools and materials in a way that will make sure those resources are always available. Some important resources we want to make sure we use in sustainable ways are: water, food, and land. Some sustainability leaders in our community have some tips about how you can help make your community more sustainable! Check these tips out below. Which one will you try first?

“Help create habitat and reduce climate change by planting plants.  You could do this around your home, at a community event, or both!  Just make sure they’re native plants.”

– Simon Breen, Education Director, Escondido Creek Conservancy

“Borrow books and eBooks from the library. You’ll save money and minimize effects on the environment.”

– Dara Bradds, Library Director, Escondido Public Library

“Wipes clog pipes. Do not use toilets as trash cans.”

– Marcus Leso, Environmental Compliance Supervisor, City of Escondido

“Learn to enjoy reading. It will take you on far away adventures without airfare, a passport, or heavy luggage.”

– Shannon Fralish, Project Specialist in Extended Learning, Escondido Union School District

“If you have unused water, do not send it down the drain. Water some plants instead.”

– Ariel Cutter, Department Specialist, City of Escondido