World Culture Activity: Futebol

Grab a ball and head outside to play soccer!

Activity best for children age 3 and up

At San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum we love learning about new cultures from around the world and today we are continuing to explore Portugal as part of our Roots series.

A fun way to experience a different country’s culture is to go to a national sporting event and watch a sports game. In Portugal, this means watching soccer, or Futebol, as it is called in Portuguese. Soccer is the national sport and one of the most famous soccer stars in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo, who happens to be Portuguese! He is considered to be one of the fastest soccer players in the world and has scored many, many goals! 

Do you like to play or watch soccer? What is your favorite sport or activity to do? Would it be fun to play with your favorite athletic hero? Grab your soccer equipment and head to the park to practice your soccer skills!

Materials You’ll Need:

Yourself and some friends

A soccer play

Safe space outdoors to play soccer


Grab a soccer ball and head outside for a fun game of soccer.