World Culture Activity Video: Thailand

Design a Thai elephant!

Activity best for children age 3 and up

At San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum we love learning about different cultures found all around the world. Throughout the month of February we will be exploring Thailand and its cultures as part of our Roots Series sponsored by the Nissan Foundation, County of San Diego, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Thailand is home to many different kinds of birds and animals. One animal is respected and revered  so much that it is the official national animal. Let’s see if we can guess what it is? It is very large, has large ears to help cool down its body and a trunk that it uses to gather food and drink water from, and it loves to eat bananas and leaves. Have you guessed yet?  It is the Elephant! Throughout Thailand you will see real elephants, paintings, large statues, and small figurines of elephants. Elephants are even on woven tapestries and other kinds of fabric art. Many of these art forms show them decorated with colorful blankets, painted decorations, and even sparkly jewelry. All of the decoration is to honor the elephants and show how special they are to the people of Thailand. Today we are going to make our own decorated elephant art inspired by the rich culture of Thailand.

Materials You’ll Need:

Tin foil



Glue or tape

Colored paper

Optional: colored ribbon, sparkles, yarn, googly eyes 


Draw an elephant and cut it out with the help of a grown up.

Image 2 9 21 At 3.41 PM

Draw the eyes of the elephant or glue on googly eyes.

Image 2 9 21 At 3.41 PM (1)

Decorate the elephant. Make colorful blankets from paper or draw on the foil with permanent markers. You can add colorful ribbon and sparkles if you want.

Image 2 9 21 At 3.41 PM (2)

Make a tail with some yarn. When your elephant is all decorated, glue or tape it to a colorful piece of paper. You can also decorate this paper. Have fun making elephants inspired by the rich culture of Thailand!

Image 2 9 21 At 3.41 PM (3)