Fun Animal Friday Snake Craft

Craft a sssuper long snake!

Activity best for children age 3 and up

Today we met two different reptiles with Pacific Animal Productions during our Fun Animal Friday event. One of those reptiles was a Burmese python native to Thailand. These large snakes eat small mammals and birds, but are non venomous. Instead, the Burmese python wraps its body around its prey and squeezes. For the craft today we are going to make a paper chain snake inspired by the Burmese python and other snakes found in Thailand.

Image 2 26 21 At 7.35 AM

Materials you’ll need:


Something to color with

Glue stick or tape



Draw scales or a pattern on your paper.

Image 2 26 21 At 7.35 AM (1)

Cut the paper into strips.

Image 2 26 21 At 7.35 AM (2)

Connect the ends of one paper strip with tape or glue. Link together other strips one at a time until you have your snake as long as you want it.

Image 2 26 21 At 7.35 AM (3)

Draw the head of your snake on another piece of paper and cut it out. Attach the head to one end of your paper chain to complete your craft. Where will your snake live?

Image 2 26 21 At 7.35 AM (4)