STREAM Activity: First Day of Spring Craft

Create a spring flower!

Activity best for children ages 4 and up

Spring equinox marks the time of year when day and night are approximately equal in length, symbolizing the transition from winter to spring. In celebration of spring equinox, let’s make a craft using coffee filters or cupcake liners to create a beautiful flower that captures the essence of this season!

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Spring equinox: The time when the sun crosses the celestial equator, making day and night approximately equal in length.

Blossom: The state of flowering or blooming.

Celestial: Pertaining to the sky or heavens.




Green construction paper or felt paper


Popsicle sticks


Coffee filters

Tissue paper

Guiding Questions:

How does the spring equinox affect day and night?

What are some signs that spring has arrived?


Step 1

Start by gathering the materials for your spring flower.

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Step 2

You will start by flattening out a coffee filter and folding it in half like a taco, and then again like a slice of pizza. Once you have folded your coffee filter, you will make three cuts to make the petals.

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Step 3

Now that you have cut the coffee filter, you will open it up and start coloring it to bring your flower to life.

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Step 4

Once you are done decorating your coffee filter, you will grab tissue paper, crumble it, and glue it in the middle to make the center of your flower.

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Step 5

Then, once you have the petal portion of your flower, you will move on to the stem. Grab your popsicle stick and color it green.

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Step 6

Next, you will outline some leaves on your green construction paper or felt and cut them out. Tape them to the back of your coffee filter flower.

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Step 7

Now, let’s grab our flowers and put them by our window to see how much color they give to our home.

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Reading Connections

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Spring bEric Carle

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The book explores how caterpillars transform into butterflies, teaching young kids about metamorphosis as well as the life cycle and springtime.