STREAM Activity: Bird Feeder

Are you ready to be an architect and create a bird feeder?

Activity best for children age 2 and up

Do you ever bird-watch in a park, your backyard, or even when you are just walking around? There are lots of birds that like to visit their human friends! Whether or not we live around a lot of nature, we can always observe diverse wildlife, especially birds. Birds are fascinating creatures to watch and remind us that we are connected with nature and can form positive relationships with the animals around us. One way to connect with nature and engage in STREAM is to use architecture to build a bird feeder. That way, birds who are hungry will come to visit you. Are you ready to be an architect and create a bird feeder?

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Materials you’ll need:

Popsicle sticks




Bird seed

Guiding Questions:

How can we build something that is helpful in nature? Is your structure sturdy enough for birds to perch and hold birdseed?

Symmetry plays a big role in making the structure sturdy. Can you find the symmetrical elements?


Step 1

First, build a base for your structure. Having a strong base is an important design for building anything that holds a material. Stack your popsicle sticks on the base in a pattern. This helps to keep the walls of the feeder secure for the birds to perch.

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Step 2

Next, it’s important to think about how the birds will access the food inside. Will the siding be too tall for them to stand and eat the bird seed? Build two walls to hold up the roof. Make sure this part is very strong because it holds the structure together.

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Step 3

Building a roof will help keep out water if it rains. Using bright colors is useful to birds so that the feeder is easier to find. Did you know many birds like the color red? Birds can see just as many colors as humans!

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Step 4

Finally, use a strong glue to hold all the parts together. Find an open place outside to hang the bird feeder and add birdseed. Enjoy watching the birds use something you created!

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Reading Connections: 

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Real-World Connections:

Discover relationships between nature and urban architecture. What kind of mutual relationships occur between people and animals? How can we engineer things to keep those relationships positive?

Science Connections:

Did the design and construction go as planned? How should bird feeders change with the seasons? Are birds’ winter diets the same as their summer diets? What kind of bird are you attracting with your bird seed?