STREAM Activity: Summer Suncatcher Craft

Soak up the summer sun with a suncatcher!

Activity best for children ages four and up

It’s time to soak up the summer sun! Summer is the hottest and brightest of all the four seasons. Summer happens before spring and after fall. It usually takes place in the middle of June when the sun can be seen for the longest time during the day. This year the first day of summer was June 20. Today we’ll enjoy the sun by making a suncatcher to enjoy those light waves all summer long.

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Suncatcher: A reflective ornament that lets light shine through.

Guiding Questions:

What is your favorite activity to do during the summer?

What items do you think represent summer? Maybe a starfish or sunglasses?


Contact paper



Decorations (we use tissue paper and plastic starfish but you can use leaves, flowers, confetti, etc)


Step 1

Start by gathering the materials for your suncatcher.

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Step 2

Next, cut the contact paper into two even squares.

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Step 3

Now, remove the back of the contact paper. You will be left with a sticky side and a non-stick side. Keep the sticky side facing up as this is where we will be sticking our decorations.

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Step 4

Time to decorate your suncatcher! Place materials that you found from around your house on the contact paper. Once you have put all the things you want to put on it, grab your other piece of contact paper and stick them together.

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Step 5

Now that we have secured the materials that we put on, we will make a hole through the top and put a ribbon so we can hang it.

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Step 6

Finally, hang up your summer suncatcher for everyone to admire!

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Reading Connections

And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner

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This book celebrates the many adventures and activities that happen during the summer.