STREAM Activity: Geometric Art

Make art using math!

Activity best for children age 3 and up

We are going to learn how math is a very important part of everyday life for people everywhere! Math helps us to understand our world better by measuring things like how high mountains are, how far it is to travel somewhere and how hot or cold the weather will be. Math is used to make our world better by helping to make medicines and other products that keep us safe and healthy. Math is needed to build everything from boxes to cars, to airplanes and buildings. Math is necessary to explore our planet Earth like the oceans, the forests, the air and it is very important for traveling to and exploring space! Math is even used by artists when making different kinds of art.

Think about all the ways you use math in daily activities. Using money to buy things, measuring ingredients for a recipe, playing a game like dominos or uno, recognizing shapes, telling time on a clock. Math is so much a part of everyday life that we don’t even pay attention to how much we use it. Let’s celebrate math with this fun, colorful, and creative art activity.

Materials you’ll need:

Colorful paper



Have a grown up help you to cut out lots of geometric shapes from colored paper. Triangles, Squares, Rectangles are the basic shapes but you can add other shapes as well.

Image 4 6 21 At 7.45 AM

Use the tangrams (the shapes) to make all kinds of designs like animals, houses, flowers, and even rocket ships!

Image 4 6 21 At 7.45 AM (1)

Have fun using math  to create art

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