STREAM Activity: Grow a Seed in a Bag

What seeds will you grow in a bag?

Activity best for children age 2 and up

Our beautiful planet earth has many wonderful trees, flowers and plants. We see them everywhere and every day! We see flowers in our garden, trees in the park, and plants all around! However, have you ever wondered what it looks like when these amazing plants start out as seeds? Today, we will get to do a fun activity that will allow us to see the growth of a seed, which is a process called germination. Although slightly older plants do need soil in order to grow more, seeds do not need soil to germinate. Once your seed opens up and sprouts, you could then move it to a pot with soil for it to continue to grow! Let’s have some fun and Grow a Seed in a Bag!

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Small plastic storage bag

Bean seeds

Paper towels


Guiding Questions:

Do you think all seeds will germinate (or sprout) at the same time?

What do you see when the seeds start to sprout?


Step 1

Soak a paper towel completely with water.

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Step 2

Add seeds and wet paper towel into your plastic storage bag.

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Step 3

Seal the bag nice and tight and hang it on a window using tape. Make sure the beans are facing you so that you can see them sprout.

Screen Shot 2022 04 06 At 8.46.59 AM

Step 4

Be patient and watch your seed grow!

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Reading Connections

Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson

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Math Connections

Planting and growing seeds takes time. Try to count how many days it took before your seed sprouted.

Real-World Connections

Planting new seeds isn’t just for our gardens, but we can also plant things like trees to help our environment and community. This helps bring us shade and fresh air!