STREAM Activity: High Contrast Cards

Create high-contrast stimulation cards for your little one!

Activity best for children ages four and up

Did you know that at birth, babies can only see three colors: black, white, and some gray? Additionally, most of their vision is blurry. Images that have a high contrast or have many opposite colors such as black and white, are easier for newborns to focus on at this stage of development. Photos with high-contrast patterns or images can help encourage and stimulate infant vision development and curiosity. Today, we’ll make our own high-contrast stimulation cards for you to use at home!

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Contrast: The representation of two elements of design in opposite ways.

Cognitive: Mental action or process and understanding through experiences and senses.

Guiding Questions:

What are other ways to help newborns focus on things?


White construction paper

Sharpie or black marker



Step 1

Start by gathering the materials for your high-contrast cards.

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Step 2

Begin by cutting your piece of paper into four squares.

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Step 3

Now, think of four contrasting patterns and draw them out. You can do designs as complex as a checkerboard or as simple as diagonal lines.

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Reading Connections

Hello, My World: A High Contrast Book by DuoPress Labs

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This simple board book displays different patterns and images that we see every day to help newborns.