STREAM Activity: “I Love You” Valentine’s Day Card

Create a special card for a loved one this Valentine's Day!

Activity best for children ages 4 and up

Embrace creativity and communication as you make your very own “I Love You” American sign language card. Through this activity, children will learn to express affection using ASL and understand inclusivity and diverse forms of communication. In this craft, kids will grasp sign language, a visual means of communication using hand gestures, expressiveness- conveying emotions or feelings and inclusivity- recognizing and respecting different ways people communicate and express love. Now, grab your art materials, and start crafting your “I Love You” card for a loved one.

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Scissors (optional: decorative edge scissors)

Construction paper (optional colors: red, pink, white, and tan)



Guiding Questions:

What other signs do you know?

How does sign language show emotion and feelings?


Step 1

Start by gathering the materials for your card.

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Step 2

Now, grab three different colored pieces of paper and cut one smaller to fit on top of the bottom paper and an even smaller one to fit on that page. You can use decorative edge scissors for a fun edge design or use regular scissors for a clean look!

Screen Shot 2024 02 13 At 2.02.47 PM

Step 3

Next, trace your hand on a new piece of paper and cut it out. This hand shape will be used to create the ASL sign for “I love you” on your card.

Screen Shot 2024 02 13 At 2.59.22 PM

Step 4

Let’s learn how to sign “I love you”. The sign for “I love you” consists of the letters I, L, and Y in sign language. This is what you will fold your paper hand to look like.

Screen Shot 2024 02 13 At 3.02.05 PM

Step 5

Once you have folded your paper hand, you will glue the hand to your paper frame. You can cut out hearts and decorate your Valentine’s Day card with any extra paper.

Screen Shot 2024 02 13 At 3.06.08 PM

Step 6

Finish off your card with a special note, and it’s ready to give to your loved one!

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Reading Connections

Max Learns Sign Language by Adria F Klein

Max Learns Sign Language

This book offers valuable reading connections by introducing children to the world of sign language through the story.