STREAM Activity: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Let's create an out of this world rocket!

Activity best for children ages 4 and up

February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science! This is a special day celebrated worldwide to recognize and honor the achievements of women and girls in the field of science. Women worldwide have done some outstanding work, one of them being Mae C. Jemison. Jemison is a scientist, doctor, and astronaut who made history by becoming the first woman of color to travel to space. She has become an important role model for many young girls who dream of exploring our galaxy.  In honor of Mae C. Jemison, we will craft a spacecraft using simple materials you might have at home. Now, let’s grab our materials and get ready to explore where our spacecraft takes us.

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 At 12.02.04 PM




Black construction paper

Colorful markers

2 small popsicle sticks

3 large popsicle sticks

Red pipe cleaner


Optional: Washi tape

Guiding Questions:

Can you name a woman scientist you admire?

Can you think of ways to encourage more girls to be interested in science?


galaxya collection of gas, dust, and billions of stars and their solar systems

spacecrafta vehicle used for traveling in space


Step 1

Start by gathering your materials for your spacecraft.

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 At 12.08.26 PM

Step 2

Next, we will grab our three long popsicle sticks and color them with our markers.

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 At 12.10.24 PM

Step 3

Once we are done coloring, glue the popsicle sticks together side by side.

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 At 12.10.37 PM

Step 4

Now it is time to decorate the base of our spacecraft! Add stickers of our choice to the long popsicle sticks.

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 At 12.10.44 PM

Step 5

Our spacecraft needs to be structurally sound for our flight to space! Let’s add our two small popsicles to both ends of our large popsicle sticks to help hold them together.

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 At 12.10.54 PM

Step 6

Next, grab your construction paper and cut out a triangle shape. This will be the tip of our spacecraft. (Optional: grab washi tape and cover your spacecraft tip for extra flare.)

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 At 12.11.26 PM

Step 7

Now, let’s finish constructing our spacecraft! We will add glue to the top of our spacecraft and glue the tip on.

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 At 12.11.34 PM

Step 8

We will need fire to help our spacecraft launch! Cut our red pipe cleaner into 3-5 pieces and glue them on the back of our spacecraft.

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 At 12.11.43 PM

Step 9

Now we are ready to play and have our spacecraft blast off into space!

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 At 12.02.04 PM

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Reading Connections

Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed

Mae Among The Stars

This book represents and inspires young children, especially girls and children of color, to achieve their dreams, no matter how big they are.