STREAM Activity: Ladybug Counting

How many spots can you count?

Activity best for children ages 4 and up

Practicing number recognition and one-to-one correspondence (counting objects and assigning them numbers in the right order) is so important for young kiddos. Today’s activity is a fun craft to help get some counting practice in at home!

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Red paper

Black paper

White paper

Black washable paint


Guiding Questions:

How high can you count?

Can you count to five with me?

Let’s count things around the house!


Step 1

Start by gathering your materials and cutting out five red circles for the ladybug’s body and five smaller black circles for its head.

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Step 2

Now, glue the black circles so they overlap with the red circles and peak out, creating the head of the ladybug. Then, glue all five ladybugs onto a plain piece of paper.

Screen Shot 2024 01 19 At 10.21.26 AM

Step 3

Using your marker, number each ladybug 1 through 5.

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Step 4

Next, have your kiddo finger-paint spots on the ladybugs! Each ladybug gets the number of spots corresponding to the number written under the ladybug.

Screen Shot 2024 01 19 At 10.21.40 AM

Step 5

Once the paint has dried, enjoy your counting creation! Point to each ladybug and have your little one say the number out loud. Can you create more ladybugs with numbers 6 through 10?

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Reading Connections

The Crayons’ Book of Numbers by Drew Daywalt

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The Crayons’ Book of Numbers allows for practice with counting and one-to-one correspondence as you read!