STREAM Activity: Lunar New Year Dragon Puppet

Happy Lunar New Year!

Activity best for children ages 4 and up

Lunar New Year, celebrated by various cultures, marks the beginning of the lunar calendar. This holiday is significant and varies across countries like China, Vietnam, Korea, and others, with common themes of family reunion, honoring ancestors, and more. Today we will be making a Lunar New Year Dragon Puppet. This dragon, typically crafted with colorful materials, embodies the traditional Chinese dragon, which is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Now let’s gather our materials and get crafting!

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Red construction paper

Two other colors of construction paper (felt also works)

Black marker

2 popsicle sticks

Guiding Questions:

What are some of the key traditions and customs that your family celebrates?

The Lunar New Year celebration promotes a sense of community. How do you promote your community?


Step 1

Start by gathering your materials for your dragon puppet.

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Step 2

Next, we will grab our red construction paper and fold it back and forth like an accordion. 

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 At 9.36.06 AM

Step 3

Once our entire paper is folded like an accordion, we will draw half circles on the paper with a black marker. These will be our dragon’s scales.

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 At 9.36.24 AM

Step 4

Now that we have our dragon’s body, we will draw the frills on the side of their heads. Once it’s drawn, cut it out.

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 At 9.36.32 AM

Step 5

Our dragon will also need a tail! Draw the tail on red construction paper or felt and cut it out.

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 At 9.36.40 AM

Step 6

Now that we have our tail and frills cut out, we will glue them to the body.

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 At 9.36.48 AM

Step 7

Our dragon needs a face! Let’s create the head. We will draw a head shape, eyes, and lips on our construction paper or felt. Then we will cut it out.

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 At 9.36.57 AM

Step 8

Our final step is to give our dragon some movement! Grab two popsicle sticks and glue then to both ends of the dragon. One at its head and the other at its tail.

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 At 9.37.22 AM

Step 9

Now, our dragon is ready to soar to new heights! Where will you fly your dragon?

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 At 9.37.30 AM

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Reading Connections

A Big Mooncake for a Little Star by Grace Lin

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The book explores the phases of the moon and engages art activities as well as science lessons on moon cycles and the reason behind the moon’s phases.