STREAM Activity: Mother’s Day Bouquet

Gift your mom-figure a beautiful bouquet for Mother's Day!

Activity best for children ages four and up

Mother’s Day is a special day for many women around the world. It’s a day to honor and celebrate the maternal figures in our lives, whether they’re grandmothers, sisters, mothers, aunts, or friends. Today, we’ll make a special flower craft to express our gratitude for their unwavering love and dedication.

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Stem: Long stick that helps support the plants/flowers structure and hold them upright

Petals: The often brightly colored modified leaves that make up the corolla of a flower.

Guiding Questions:

How can we meaningfully celebrate Mother’s Day by recognizing and honoring all types of maternal figures in our lives?

What traditions do you have with your mother that you do to celebrate Mother’s Day?


Multi-colored construction paper


White paper straws


A green crayon

A pencil

Pipe cleaners (optional)


Step 1

Start by gathering the materials for your Mother’s Day bouquet.

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Step 2

Begin by coloring your straw green. This will be our stem!

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Step 3

Now, draw outlines of hearts and circles on your multi-colored construction paper. Once you’ve finished outlining, carefully cut them out. The hearts will serve as your flower petals and leaves, while the circles will become the center of your flower.  

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Step 4

Next, take four heart shapes and tape them around your circle to form your flower.

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Step 5

Then, take your stem and tape it to the back of your flower, along with a green heart for the leaf.

Screenshot 2024 05 08 At 10.27.33 AM

Step 6

Create a few more flowers and your bouquet is ready to give to a mother figure in your life!

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Reading Connections

You’re My Little Sunshine by Nicola Edwards

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This book expresses the affection of a parental figure for their children.