STREAM Activity: Nature Superhero Mask

What natural materials will you use for your mask?

Activity best for children age 2 and up

For almost every child it is completely normal to fantasize about being a superhero!  Maybe they want the ability to fly, have super strength, or have the power of invisibility.  While all of these superpowers would be amazing for us to have and to use in our everyday lives, we are forced to settle with using our imagination to get those experiences.  However, we can look to nature to see how other plants and animals use their “super powers”.  Whether it’s a bird soaring through the air, or a tiny ant lifting up a humongous leaf, or a gecko camouflaging into its surroundings, nature is an amazing example of super powered life.  Today let’s make our very own super hero masks using only things we find in nature!

Screen Shot 2022 04 25 At 8.58.44 AM


1 sheet of paper, cardstock, or card board

Found materials from nature such as flowers and leaves

Liquid glue or glue stick

Guiding Questions:

How many parts of a plant did we collect?  Can we name them all?

Which of these materials is your favorite? Why?

What does it mean when something is symmetrical?


Step 1

Gather all of your materials into one central place.  It’s a good idea to sort them into categories such as leaves, flowers, and stems.

Screen Shot 2022 04 25 At 8.58.59 AM

Step 2

Decide on what your central piece will be and glue it to the top center of the mask.

Screen Shot 2022 04 25 At 8.58.51 AM

Step 3

Glue the remaining materials to the mask using a symmetrical design.

Screen Shot 2022 04 25 At 8.58.44 AM