STREAM Activity: Number Order Caterpillar

Let's create a wiggly counting caterpillar!

Activity best for children ages 4 and up

Embark on a fun-filled adventure of counting and creativity with our counting caterpillar craft while learning fundamental counting skills and having fun. Through this activity, little ones will grasp numeracy, the ability to understand and work with numbers, sequencing- arranging objectives in a particular order, and counting – determining the total number of items in a set.  Now let’s gather our materials and let’s create a wiggly line-up counting caterpillar.

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Oil pastels


Colorful construction paper of your choice cut into golf ball sized circles

Black construction paper

Pipe cleaners

Guiding Questions:

How do we use counting in our everyday lives?

Can you count the number of toys, books, or other things that are around you?


Step 1

Start by gathering your materials for your counting caterpillar! You can cut as many colorful circles as you would like depending on how many numbers you want your little one to learn.

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Step 2

Depending on how long you would like your wiggly caterpillar, tape together two pieces of black construction paper. Then, add a background for your caterpillar to explore in.

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Step 3

Place all your circles in a long row to create your caterpillar, and glue them to the black construction paper. Once the circles are glued on, it’s time to bring your caterpillar to life! You will write the numbers on each circle and add finishing touches like googly eyes and antennas made out of pipe cleaners and pompoms.  

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Step 4

Now that you have finished your caterpillar, you can have fun by having your little one count the numbers out loud with the help of a grown up.

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Grown Ups-Are you looking for more ways to extend your child’s learning? Check out these extension activities to build upon today’s STREAM activity!

Reading Connections

How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? by Jane Yolen

Dinosaurs Count To Ten

Real-World Connections

How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? is a great book that teaches kids to count everything they see. Through this book, children can learn number recognition and enhance early mathematical understanding in an exciting way.