STREAM Activity: Snowflakes

Create your own unique snowflake!

Activity best for children ages 2 and up

With the winter solstice and the coming of winter, a fun topic to learn about is snow. Snowflakes are formed when a water droplet in the sky freezes onto a speck of dust or pollen. Snowflakes all look similar; however, none of them are exactly alike. Each snowflake is unique, or special. For this activity, we challenge you to plan and create your very own unique snowflake!

Screen Shot 2022 12 21 At 10.26.41 AM


Popsicle sticks



Crayons or markers


Anything else fun and unique to add to your snowflake

Guiding Questions:

What is unique or special about my snowflake?

How many points does my snowflake have?

Where do you think you could find snowflakes?


Step 1

Assemble all your popsicle sticks and put a little glue in the middle of one.

Screen Shot 2022 12 21 At 10.26.19 AM

Step 2

Keep placing glue in the middle and placing popsicle sticks on top of each other. You can use as many, or as little popsicle sticks as you like. Remember, all snowflakes are unique!

Screen Shot 2022 12 21 At 10.26.25 AM

Step 3

Take some ribbon, string, or twine and make a closed loop out of it.

Screen Shot 2022 12 21 At 10.26.30 AM

Step 4

Take that closed loop and tape it to the back of your snowflake after it dries.

Screen Shot 2022 12 21 At 10.26.36 AM

Step 5

Decorate your snowflake however you like! All snowflakes look different so try to make yours as special as possible!

Screen Shot 2022 12 21 At 10.26.41 AM

Step 5

Hang your snowflake wherever you would like, on a tree or in the window, and show off all your hard work.

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Reading Connections

No Two Alike by Keith Baker

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Real World Connections

There are not many places that it can snow in San Diego County. However, if you and your family do want to see snow during the winter season, then you all can plan a trip up to Palomar Mountain or Julian. While you are there you can always look for some snowflakes!