STREAM Activity: Vegetable Garden Plate

Create your own growing garden plate!

Activity best for children ages 2 and up

Spring is around the corner and the weather is getting warmer. Spring is a good time for several plants and vegetables to be harvested after growing in the winter. Vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and lettuce are cold-tolerant, which means that they can still grow in the cold. When farmers are ready to harvest crops, most vegetables need to be pulled out of the ground. Then they get cleaned up and transported to grocery stores and markets, where we buy them and bring them home to make a delicious meal. To celebrate the new season and delicious food that can grow in our gardens and farms, let’s create our own Vegetable Garden Plate!

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2 Paper plates

Coloring materials


Tape (or stapler to be used by an adult)

Paper (white or colored)

Guiding Questions:

What kind of vegetables do you like to eat?

Do you have any plants or fruits/vegetables growing around your garden or in your school?

What kind of vegetable would you like to try growing yourself?


Step 1

Take one of your paper plates and cut it in half.

Screen Shot 2023 03 13 At 9.48.25 AM

Step 2

Color your half plate brown. This will represent the soil.

Screen Shot 2023 03 13 At 9.49.20 AM

Step 3

Color in the inside of a whole second plate blue. This will be our sky background.

Screen Shot 2023 03 13 At 9.49.47 AM

Step 4

Tape or staple your brown half plate on top of your blue plate.

Screen Shot 2023 03 13 At 9.50.33 AM

Step 5

On paper, draw and cut out vegetables of your choice. Don’t forget to color them in and add details! You can also use colored paper.

Screen Shot 2023 03 13 At 9.51.46 AM

Step 6

Slide in your vegetables into the soil pocket of your plates. There you have it! Your own little vegetable garden!

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Reading Connections

“Lola Plants a Garden” by Anna McQuinn

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Real World Connections

We have to get our food from somewhere and lots of the food we eat are planted and harvested in farms or gardens. Food also grows all year round. Some food grows better in warm weather while others grow in colder weather.