STREAM Activity: Watermelon Art

Get ready for summer with this sweet craft!

Activity best for children ages 2 and up

Summer is almost here! Watermelon is at the peak of its season and it’s a great snack to enjoy. With just a few materials you can make this fun and easy craft.

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Construction Paper: red, green, black



2 Paper Plates

Guiding Questions:

Fruit and vegetables come in many different colors, what fruits and vegetables can you create with the materials? Would you need any other color paper?

What are some of your favorite fruits and vegetables?


Step 1

Gather all your materials. You can cut the paper plate in half for the watermelon. For the strawberries, you cut the paper plate in four equal parts.

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Step 2

Add glue to your paper plate, you can lather it all around. Then, tear strips of the red colored paper for both the watermelon and strawberry shapes.

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Step 3

Time to add the red pieces of construction paper to the plate. Make sure to leave a space for both the watermelon rind and strawberry leaves. We will add that next!

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Step 4

For the watermelon, lather glue at the bottom half of the paper plate. Tear strips of green paper and add it to the bottom for the rind. For the strawberry, tear slightly longer strips of green paper and add it to the top of the plate.

Screen Shot 2023 05 26 At 8.33.54 AM

Step 5

To finish off our watermelon and strawberry we will need to tear strips of black paper. The strips should be nail size pieces as these will be the seeds in our fruit. Add small dots of glue around the fruits and add the black paper pieces. Once you have completed adding the black paper seeds, you are all finished!

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Reading Connections

Watermelon Madness by Taghreed Najjar

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Real World Connections

Fruit is part of the five food groups, not only are they essential, they are a great and nutritious snack. By making fruit crafts, your child may be open to try new fruits.