STREAM Activity: Windsock

Create your own summer time windsock!

Activity best for children ages 2 and up

Summer is here, and it is the perfect time to be outside. Enjoy the weather and the cool breeze while we do a fun activity. For today’s activity we will get to use our creative side and have a cool decoration by making our very own windsock out of materials we have around our house. Your windsock can be made from paper cups, paper towel rolls, cans, or anything else you can think of.

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Construction paper



Paper cup


Guiding Questions:

What other materials can you use for the base of your windsock?

Go outside and check if there is any wind, if so, what direction the wind is going?


Step 1

Gather the materials you will need to create your windsock.  

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Step 2

Grab your paper cup and with your scissors cut a hole at the top of the cup. Once you are done cutting the top you will then start decorating your windsock. 

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Step 3

Once your windsock is completely decorated you will grab 2-6 pieces of streamers and glue them to the inside of your paper cup.

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Step 4

Now cut a piece of construction paper into a long strip. Once you have a strip, glue it to the side of your paper cup to create the handle.

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Reading Connections

Like a Windy Day by Frank Asch & Devin Asch

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