Virtual Workshops

San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum is now offering Virtual Workshops for public and private schools, preschools, homeschool groups, and alternative learning organizations for students Pre-K to 3rd grade.

Bring the Museum experience directly into your classroom with our interactive workshops that are aligned to California State Standards including Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards, and Preschool Learning Foundations.

All workshops are facilitated by professional Museum Educators, include exclusive access to hands-on learning kits coupled with live and pre-recorded videos, and feature art- or science-based lessons and activities.

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Program Structure

Live Introduction:
30 – 45 Minutes

  • Video call facilitated by Museum Educators
  • Introduction to objectives of workshop

Pre-recorded Guided Workshop:
15 – 30 Minutes

  • Pre-recorded video including direct instruction by Museum Educators
  • Hands-on activity kit provided for each individual child

Live Conclusion:
30 – 45 Minutes

  • Video call facilitated by Museum Educators
  • Close out objectives for workshop

Workshop Descriptions


  • Preschool – Pre-K | Rhythm & Music 
    Discover the joys of playing an instrument while moving and grooving to music. Explore how music and emotion can be connected through open-ended painting.
  • K – 3rd Grade | Recycled Masterpieces
    Learn about different art styles and create your own masterpiece sustainably by reusing and repurposing materials.
Boy Painting Cropped
Cropped Science


  • Kindergarten | Life Science
    Discover the wonders of nature by learning about plant and animal needs. Virtually meet the Museum chickens and grow your own plant to care for at home.
  • 1st Grade | Physical Science
    Explore the wonders of light waves. Using the engineering design process, create a suncatcher to experiment with different sources of light energy.
  • 2nd Grade | Earth Science 
    Water moves and changes the land. Become an engineer and help solve the problems caused by flooding.
  • 3rd Grade | Engineering
    Engineers are problem solvers. Use the engineering design process to design and build a model of a Museum Exhibit.



Class Size*




Shipping Fee


1 – 15 Children






16 – 30 Children





*For school groups over 30 children, please email

**Are you a homeschool group, learning pod, or alternative learning organization with fewer than 10 students? Email to learn more about our small group options.

Scholarship Funds
Title-I, Title-V, and low-income schools and youth organizations are eligible to apply for scholarship support. Scholarship funds are for Workshop fees and are subject to availability. For scholarships requests, please email